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Again a simple question about std::vector

Jerry Coffin
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In article <98c82a92-ed6a-4cb9-916d-ca7132ba40e9>, Removed) says...

[ Allocator instances ]

> If == must return true, then it doesn't mean anything. If an
> implementation doesn't use it, always assuming it returns true,
> then it doesn't mean anything.

Yes and no. A container implementation is free to assume that it returns
true, in which case you're right, at least for use with the standard
containers in that implementation, it's basically pointless.

OTOH, you can use non-equal allocators, as long as you don't care about
portability to implementations that don't support it. You can also
create your own container classes that support non-equal allocators,
even if the ones supplied by your standard library vendor don't.

OTOH, if your interest is exclusively in writing code that will work
with essentially any standard library implementation, then operator== is
pretty well pointless, because it's always going to return true.

[ ... ]

> > If it just means swapping their contents, I don't think the
> > possibility of non-constant time is an "or" -- I think it's
> > linear time AND you face the possibility of an exception (if
> > either allocator throws).

> Exactly. That's why I tend to favor the idea that swapping
> containers means swapping their allocators as well.

That certainly seems like what I'd do in any case.


The universe is a figment of its own imagination.
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Jerry Coffin
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In article <ft2qiv$d07$(E-Mail Removed)>, (E-Mail Removed) says...

[ ... ]

> > Contrary to the implication elsethread, there's no real difference
> > between std::swap<vector, vector> and vector::swap(vector). According to
> > section, the standard library is required to contain a
> > specialization of std::swap for vector so that if v1 and v2 both refer
> > to vectors, std:swap(v1, v2) is equivalent to v1.swap(v2).

> Right, I wasn't aware that it was actually a requirement. I guess that
> applies to every container, then (I can't think why it shouldn't).

I believe that's correct, yes.


The universe is a figment of its own imagination.
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