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cheap cell phone idea
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Hi all, I have a question! I was just at
and saw a cell phone and a iphone that was unlocked for tmobile. Is
this legal??? The post I read is here

Thanks, any help is appreciated!
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Bucky Breeder
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      04-03-2008 Removed) wrote in
news:(E-Mail Removed):
> Thanks, any help is appreciated!

Yes, Dr. Phil can help you and peoples like you...

But you can do it yourself! Just get over it and
get on with it and don't let it get to you anymore.



My name is Bucky Breeder and I approve this message!

On the USA presidental elections? All I can say is that the future of the
world may boil down like shown in the 1996 phrophetic Will Smith movie,
'Independence Day'; and at last check, Clintons are draft-dodgers, and
Obama was too busy becoming a lawyer rich off blacks to be bothered
with military concepts; thus, McCain is the best because he can jump
into a jet and shoot down any invaders we may have to defend against!
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