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* * Presenting... MY POWER MALL! * *

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* * Presenting... MY POWER MALL! * *

Hello Ginny,

How much money you can make in a business is important but you can
find out all about that just by watching the movies on the website.
If you do, you will understand just why My Power Mall is growing so
explosively. Finally, there is a way for anyone to tap into the power
of the Internet and create financial freedom, without ever spending
any additional money!

What is equally important, if not more important, is to understand the
people behind the company. We have all gotten involved in things that
we thought were so great, only to have it destroyed by people who got
greedy or who quit caring about everyone having the ability to
succeed. That is why I am going to share with you today about just
WHO My Power Mall is for. Once again I will tap into something our
Founder & CEO, Ginny Dye, wrote:


Who is My Power Mall for? As I watch the world spin around me I see
so much division and separation. People are separated by beliefs, by
politics, by race, by religion. This separation and division are the
cause of most of the problems in our world today. People cannot work
together to solve problems because they are too busy focusing on how
they are different. It makes me very sad, and I am determined that
will not be a reality within My Power Mall and within my larger
corporate structure, Together We Can Change The World, Inc. As of
this writing, we are in 179 countries. Every person in every one of
these countries is welcome!

So who is MPM for? It is for EVERYONE! Christian, Jew, Muslim,
Hindu, Buddhist, New Age, Atheist, Agnostic, Black, White, Indian,
Asian, Hispanic, Democratic, Republican, Independent, or the myriad of
other political positions in the world.

Someone asked me recently if MPM is a Christian company. "Do you want
it to be?" I asked.

They looked confused and answered, "Well, yes."

"Great," I replied. "Then it is for you."

They stared at me, dumbfounded. "What kind of an answer is that?"

"The only one you are going to get," I replied, grinning. "I am not
going to label my company. If someone wants it to be Buddhist, then
it can be a Buddhist company for them. It can be whatever works for
people. We are here for everyone and I refuse to apply labels that
will divide and separate, or keep people away because they are afraid
they will not fit."

"But surely you have your own beliefs," they persisted.

"Well, of course I do, but what difference does that make? They are
my own personal beliefs that make me the person I am, but all I care
about is that people come from a place of love, caring, respect and
integrity. I find that in every single race, religion, political
party and belief system. I simply want to embrace PEOPLE, not
separate myself by espousing my own beliefs."

I could see they were starting to understand. "Look, all I care about
is empowering people to change their lives, to fulfill their dreams,
and to help them make a difference in the world. That is really all
that matters to me; what I have been called to do. Other people can
fight for their beliefs or their political stance. I am just doing
what I am supposed to do. That is why My Power Mall is for everyone."

"Okay, I get it," they said slowly. "But do you have any limits?"

"Absolutely! I will not allow My Power Mall, or any other division of
my company, to be used to fund terrorism, hate crimes or pornography.
If I find evidence of that the Malls will be shut down that second."

So there is my message to you all today. My Power Mall is for
everyone. We are a world-wide family that encompasses and embraces
everyone. Welcome to our Family!


I only have one more letter for you to receive before I disappear from
your life, but I knew for sure that you needed to have this
understanding of My Power Mall.

Take another look at the things that make My Power Mall so powerful...

- MY POWER MALL really is FR*EE. There is no cost to you.

- There is nothing to SELL. All you have to do is shop in any
one of 1000 stores on your own personal Mall and buy whatever you and
your family need and want.

- There are No Crazy Qualifying Games. Just one purchase a
month - any amount - qualifies you for all pay!

- There are no meetings. People already know how to shop!

- All tools are FR*EE. You are given everything you need.

My Power Mall has created the perfect system that will harness the
Power of Online Spending to Change Lives. In fact, that is their
motto: Harnessing the Power of Online Spending to Change Lives!

If you are intrigued and want to know more, please visit my website
at: . You'll be able to
view a great video and have every question answered. And, if you
would like a live person to talk to, please contact me at

I look forward to working with you!


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