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Re: Retrieving value from a textbox in another web form

Steve C. Orr, MCSD
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Here's a nice, simple way to pass values from one page to another:
(VB.NET code)

'Add data to the context object before transferring
Context.Items("myParameter") = x

Then, in WebForm2.aspx:

'Grab data from the context property
Dim x as Integer = CType(Context.Items("myParameter"),Integer)

Of course there are a number of ways to pass values from one page to
another, such as using the querystring, cookies, session,
context, saving to a temporary table in the database between each page, etc.
You'll have to decide which technique is best for your application.
Here are several good articles on the subject to help you decide.

I hope this helps,
Steve C. Orr, MCSD

"Justin" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:047201c34feb$80ede8d0$(E-Mail Removed)...
> hi, thanks for reading this msg. I got a problem here.
> There are 2 webforms, one is the login and the other is
> the result page after login. After a user sucessfully
> login, i need the user's ID which were entered from the
> textbox in the login page to display its relevant data...
> I tried:
> 1. using property, it worked well if the result page just
> load the data out, but currently in my result page the
> users need to select some option first before showing the
> data. If I use this method, error:
> Public ReadOnly Property Property1() As String
> Get
> Return tbStaffID.Text
> End Get
> End Property
> 2. I also tried using querystring...but i can't refer the
> value in the textbox to the querystring even I use a
> variabe
> Server.Transfer("Results.aspx?tbStaffID&tbName")
> - What are your comments regrading the codes or do u hav
> any better suggestion on other ways how to solve it? Thank
> you

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