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For Jeff Bailey: The distribution of the articles/content in clc

Kenny McCormack
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Your perception of this ng is accurate. To clarify further, I generally
say that the content is:

65%: The endless topicality wars, with the featured attraction
being the frequent Heathfield/Navia battles. This is obviously
the substance of the group, and what keeps people coming back
for more.

30%: Newbie questions, technically not off-topic, but often
bordering on trolling - given that they are often of the:
What does "i = i++ + ++i" do?
variety. Note that even though these are not technically OT,
they are all covered in the available body of text which newbies
are expected to have read and digested before posting - i.e.,
the FAQs and the standards documents. They are, by the
standards of most normal newsgroups, in the category of "bad
questions" - questions that should not be asked, since they've
all been asked many times before, and the answers have all been
written down.

5%: The remaining bits are the "language lawyering" stuff - of
great interest to those who care about such things, but utterly
boring to normal people like us.

So, there you have it. HTH.

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