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How many % heatsink can help CPU?

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In article <fQ4Gj.2551$(E-Mail Removed)>, rf
<(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> >>> Can someone tell me how many percentage that heat sink can help to
> >>> cool the CPU?
> >>
> >> 100%, without one your CPU would burn out or even explode.
> >>
> >> I can tell you what a good cleaning can do, no percentages...
> >>
> >> I was running 63C a few days ago, I took canned air and cleaned out
> >> the garbage from the vents of the heat sink; it now reads 50C

> >
> > Simple math. If you ran the figures, you got a 21% increase in efficiency,

> Rubbish.
> Your "math" relies entirely on the scale the temperature is based on.
> Assuming degrees celsius you do indeed end up with 21% or so.
> Convert the temperatures to farenheight however: 145.4 to 122 gives just
> over 15%.
> In degrees Kelvin, 336.15 to 323.15: 0.038673211%, almost zero improvement
> The common sense is: the designers put that heat sink there for a reason.
> Remove it at you own peril.
> The real question is: why would the OP even ask? Does it matter? Would you
> remove the "radiator" from your car, just to see what happened?

Maybe he's trying to cool the interior of the machine by removing the
large hot bit.
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