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VPN Lan-to-lan via Wireless Link

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Its been a while since I needed to addressed these issues.

I'm using IPSec + GRE in ESP "Transport" mode between sites. When I
researched these issues I concluded that changing the MSS was not
required. An appropriate MTU on the Tunnel interface is all that is

An MTU setting of 1440 should be sufficient for "Transport" mode, and
1420 should be sufficient for "Tunnel" mode. The two modes have
different protection boundaries. A packet is larger when sent in
"Tunnel" mode due to encapsulation of the original IP header.

I have used an MTU of 1400 for years, and have not encountered any
fragmentation issues.

interface Tunnel0
ip mtu 1400

When setting up a "non-GRE" IPSec tunnel between sites, you would want
to be using an ESP transform in "Tunnel" mode.

If you encountered issues in only one direction, you would want to
review your crypto ACLs to be sure that they were mirrored, without any
exceptions. A network sniffer on the WAN port is very useful in
identifying asymmetric operation caused by non-mirrored crypto ACLs.

Best regards,
News Reader

Elia Spadoni wrote:
> Oh sorry.
> I established an IPSec tunnel lan to lan, but it worked in a single
> direction, and have weird problems, pinged all hosts ok.
> When I did gre + ipsec, mtu 1400 and mss 1360 (as use now) everything works
> fine.

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