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Routing Issue

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Hi all
This is part a Cisco problem / part a Netscreen issue I think
I have installed a Netscreen 25 to act as a backup internet link. I
currently have this installed as a transparant firewall
I have configured a seperate VLAN for this, VLAN102, on the 3750
VLAN 102 has an IP address of on the 3750 switch
From the Cisco 3750 switch that the Netscreen connects to I can ping
the netscreen ( and the ethernet port of the Cisco 837
router ( using just a standard ping
I cannot ping the netscreen or the router if I use an extended ping
using any of the other VLAN interfaces, eg VLAN26 ( and
VLAN 100 ( from the 3750 switch
I have added a static route on the netscreen to the
and networks out and as a resault I can
ping any host in my LAN from the Netscreen itself
I want to be able to manage the Netscreen from any subnet but if I
can't even ping it from any other subnet other than the
then I have no chance!!
My initial goal is to be able to just change the default route on the
3750 from (which is a Cisco PIX) to point to the
Netscreen to redirect any outgoing internet traffic

Any pointers would be most welcome


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