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Push XML data to client for processing

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Although I consider myself a proficient C++ programmer (and am getting
better everyday at C# I am new to and having a little trouble with some
of the
concepts behind ASP and ASP.NET. Particularly regarding the streaming
of data between IE client and webserver.

Here is what I am attempting to do.

1. Create XML data on the server.
2. Download a signed ActiveX DLL to the client (of course the client will
have to accept this the first time).
3. On the click of a client-side IE button, push the XML data into the
client side ActiveX
DLL for processing WITHOUT any ADDITIONAL client side intervention.

If I put the XML data into a file on the server side, I know how to use the
Response object to put up a file download dialog on the client side. But
this requires user intervention.

I tried doing what I have shown below in HTML. Assume the following:

- ActiveX DLLs OBJECT id is "myDLL"
- It has a string member called "myXML" and a method called "myMethod" that
uses "myXML"
- The server page language is C#
- I have created a file on the server at


(Assume an <OBJECT> tag here which causes the ActiveX DLL "myDLL" download)

<!-- I am using Outlook Express to compose this message and it seems to be
interpreting the
following HTML - I have added $$ in the hopes of confusing it -->
$$<script language=vbscript>
$$ sub clicker
$$ dim myXML
$$ myXML=
"<%Response.WriteFile(@"C:\TheRightDirectory\\myXM LFile.xml"); %>"
$$ document.myDLL.myMethod
$$ end sub

(Asssume a declaration here of an <INPUT type=button> that calls "clicker")


I understand that the file gets literally inserted into the "clicker"
subroutine in the HTML response and the above works fine when the
"C:\TheRightDirectory\\myXMLFile.xml" file is
small. The problem is when the file gets big, the interpretation of the
"clicker" subroutine gets confused and breaks.

I can only hope that the above description is not too confusing/boring.

Any help would be appreciated.

John Reichel
afflux Consulting Group, LLC Removed)

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