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Tough Q on Dynamically adding cached User Controls

Justin Dutoit
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Hi folks. I have a question on using LoadControl to dynamically add user
controls to a page. The relevant URL is

.... and the code is below (refresh the page straightaway to see the
problem). The page is a multiple search page, which takes several search
terms and assigns one to each user control. The user control does a fairly
simple search on Brand and Productname. The idea is that by having several
simple user controls, caching could be used on each user control, for a
faster web page.

However, what happens is that, when the user controls are taken from the
cache, the last search term is applied to all the user controls- e.g. search
on bread, milk and juice, and get 'juice' for all the user controls. I am
new to this sort of caching- I'd appreciate it if someone could see what
might be wrong with my code.

Thanks a lot!


Code follows:

SearchItems = Utilities.ExtractSearchItems(Request.Params("Multi pleSearch"))

' The BrandSearchString inside this for loop are the capitalised words. The
regular SearchString are lowercase words

For Counter = 0 To SearchItems.Count - 1

BrandTerms = ""

NameTerms = ""

Dim WordsInThisSearch() As String = Split(SearchItems(Counter), " ")

DoSeparateBrandandProductNameWords(WordsInThisSear ch, BrandTerms, NameTerms)

'************************************************* ************************

' Dynamically add Search user control, allowing for a cached user control

'************************************************* ************************

Dim ctlNextSearch As Control = LoadControl("SearchCBPicsCacheV1.ascx")

MyPlaceHolder.Controls.Add(ctlNextSearch) ' mySearchControl

Dim mySearchControl As SearchControl = Nothing

' i.e. If the search user control exists (not in the cache)

If TypeOf ctlNextSearch Is SearchControl Then

mySearchControl = CType(ctlNextSearch, SearchControl)

Response.Write("Is sc<BR />")

' i.e. if the user control is cached

ElseIf TypeOf ctlNextSearch Is PartialCachingControl And _

Not CType(ctlNextSearch, PartialCachingControl).CachedControl Is Nothing

mySearchControl = CType(CType(ctlNextSearch,
PartialCachingControl).CachedControl, SearchControl)

Response.Write("Is pcc- BrandTerms=" & BrandTerms & ", NameTerms=" &
NameTerms & ".<BR />")

ElseIf TypeOf ctlNextSearch Is PartialCachingControl And _

CType(ctlNextSearch, PartialCachingControl).CachedControl Is Nothing Then

Response.Write("pcc.cachedcontrol Is Nothing- uc came from cache<br>")

If mySearchControl Is Nothing Then

Response.Write("mySearchControl Is Nothing<BR>")


Response.Write("mySearchControl Is Not Nothing<BR>")

End If

Response.Write("From Cache- BrandTerms=" & BrandTerms & ", NameTerms=" &
NameTerms & ".<BR />")

' when this happens, the last search item is copied over all the items, i.e.

' which is the last search item, is in every search result

End If

' Now we have mySearchControl which we can use regardless of cache or no

If Not mySearchControl Is Nothing Then

mySearchControl.SearchString = NameTerms

mySearchControl.BrandSearchString = BrandTerms

mySearchControl.SearchNumberForNext = Counter

mySearchControl.LastSearchNumber = SearchItems.Count - 1

End If


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