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Shared Printer -- ACCESS DENIED

Jeff Strickland
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"Baron" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:frul8o$2v1$(E-Mail Removed)...
> Jeff Strickland wrote:
>> "- Bobb -" <bobb@noemail.123> wrote in message
>> news(E-Mail Removed). ..
>>> Just confirming ... if you are adding it as a local printer - don't
>>> browse to the network , just
>>> 1. "add a printer".
>>> 2. Then choose the device from the drop-down/ or if not listed, then
>>> browse to a floppy for the XP driver.
>>> 3. AFTER adding the printer as a local printer on the Vista box, you
>>> THEN close those windows. ( Unless it WAS listed in Vista in which
>>> case let it load, then UPDATE driver to be the XP driver)
>>> 4. Now check - does Vista have an HP4L listed as a local printer ?
>>> Great - that's all we want right now. Check properties - enable
>>> sharing - drivers - look OK ?
>>> ( just checking - no error when you enabled sharing - call it VISTA4L
>>> ) 5. NOW, Add a printer - network and don't "browse" - specify the
>>> path " \\xpbox\HP4L " or
>>> ' \\\sharedname '

>> All of that is true. But, when I go to install the network printer, I
>> browse the network, find the printer, select it, and click OK.
>> Immediately, I get an error, ACCESS DENIED. The error is more verbose
>> than that, but the bottom line is access is denied and the rest does
>> not matter for this discussion.
>> I have not tried to load the XP printer drivers into Vista. That's a
>> good idea. I did try to put the Vista driver into the XP box because I
>> am aware that the driver for a resource passes from the server to the
>> client -- XP will pass the driver to Vista because XP is playing the
>> role of server and Vista is a client. (the actual roles may be
>> different, but I get the picture) Anyway, the printer driver for Vista
>> would not go into the XP box because XP didn't like it.
>> In my scenario, access is denied long before there would be any reason
>> to look for a driver. I would expect a driver issue to throw up an
>> error that said the driver was incorrect, and the error I am getting
>> is looking like a permission issue that I don't understand.

> Jeff,
> Have you checked for a firewall issue ? Blocked port ? I don't know
> what Visa uses for remote printing but its beginning to look like one.

I haven't seen anything that I should fix, and my Vista machine prints fine
to all other printers on my network, and all other computers on my network
print to the printer attached to the Vista machine.

I think Bill & Co., have left a crack in the system, and I am falling into

If there was anything I hadn't already thought of, you guys would have told
me by now.

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On 21 Mar, 00:35, "Jeff Strickland" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> If there was anything I hadn't already thought of, you guys would have told
> me by now.-

I assume you can already view shared files ?
If so, then that rules out most or all of the file/printer sharing
issues. Like firewall and so on..

And, as you said, you can print from the vista machine.. (so I guess
it's not a driver issue)

Include the whole error message, word for word, as verbose as it is.
The reason if it isn't obvious already, is For Google, it helps you
and others.

I am puzzled .. Why did people suspect a driver issue when you can
print from your vista machine.

I have heard that with network printers, or printers that connect to a
device that make it like a network printer. You need a driver on each
machine. But this is not your situation. (network printers are
printers that have like an RJ45 or ethernet port. A network socket.
Rather than connecting directly to a computer) Yours connects directly
to a computer, so that is not the issue.

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