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Re: "Missing parameter field current value" with CR.NET

David McAmis \(Crystal Certified Consultant\)
Posts: n/a
Nooooot gooood... It sounds like they forgot something when they moved to
1.1. The "Current Value" is a property in the Parameters property bag that
holds the Current Value that has been entered for that parameter. As a
workaround, have you tried setting the property right before the error is

You can submit this as a bug at which will get it on the
road to getting fixed. Crystal does "hot fixes" which may solve this problem
if you can get it reported and on the bug list.

You also get 2 free tech support incidents if you are using the version of
CR that came with VS.NET-- you could always give them a call and submit it
that way as well... I am not sure which method would be faster. They may
also have encountered this problem before with other people (probably many,
MANY other people) and may have a workaround...


David McAmis
Crystal Certified Consultant
Editor, Crystal Developers Journal

"hippy" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:#(E-Mail Removed)...
> Hi,
> Using Crystal Reports with .NET Framework 1.1
> seems to cause this error "Missing parameter field
> current value".
> If we uninstall 1.1 and install framework 1.0, the
> reports start working again.
> Does anyone have a solution to get Crystal Reports
> working correctly under Framework 1.1?
> Thanks,
> hippy

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