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Dynamic LinkButton not working in ASP.NET

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Scenario: I am using some dynamic LinkButton to perform some work. At the time of Page Load I am creating those LinkButton and placing them in the Placeholder. Now I want to show details whenever user click on it. It works fine for general text but when there is single quoted text the link not working. I can replace that single quote with some other character but I don't want this. I think it will be possible using the parameterized query but I don't need to run query everytime I click on the links. So I store my database values in a DataSet with some Session variable and afterwards I am retrieving data according to my LinkButton clicks from that DataSet to reduce time consumption.

Now look at my Code:

private void nlbtn_Click(object sender, CommandEventArgs e)

DataSet ds = (DataSet)Session["AllValues"]; // This is the DataSet which store all my data // Here I am trying to retrieve information from the DataSet according to my LinkButton Clicks.

DataRow []dr= ds.Tables[0].Select("linktext='"+e.CommandArgument+"'"); // Here linktext is one of the column name of my database and e.CommandArgument have the value of the clicked LinkButton

this.lblHeading.Text = e.CommandArgumentToString();
this.lblQuote.Text = dr[0]["Quote"].ToString();

this.lblPara1.Text = dr[0]["Para1"].ToString();
this.lblPara2.Text = dr[0]["Para2"].ToString();

this.Image1.ImageUrl = "~/Dyna_images/" + imagepath;


Please make changes to solve my problem. It's very urgent for me.


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