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USB NIC Group Policy not applying completely

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I have a few Dell Optiplex GX280's with Dell wireless USB nic's and some
with onboard nic's. We're a public library system and the above computers
sit in the public space. Because they're in the public space we use a GPO
setting that only allows certain .exe's to run. The GPO isn't a local GPO.
The WEP and configuration .exe's on the PC's that allow the authentication
to the access point are in the allowed run list. All PC's and servers are
Windows 2000.

The issue that we're having is when a USB nic'd computer logs in, the GPO is
applied but the WEP .exe's aren't allowed to run and so WEP authentication
fails. If a domain admin logs into the computer the Wi-fi system works
fine. When the GPO is disabled and the public user account logs in, the
Wi-fi system works fine as well. An interesting note is: When a domain
admin logs on and the 'set' command is run, the value of
'logonserver=localcomputer' is listed. If the domain admin account logs in
again, in a consecutive manner, the value of 'logonserver=domaincontroller'
is listed. Once the domain controller is listed, I can log off the computer
and log back into the computer with the public account and the Wi-fi system
works great. After a reboot though, the Wi-fi connection fails again. I
know the GPO is getting processed on the PC because the other settings I've
enabled are taking effect, no matter whether the nic authentication fails
are not.

The computers that use Cat5 don't have any issues at all.

Any help would be great.



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