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Hiding data from screen scrapers and bots

Brian W
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I was hoping someone here would know something about screen scrapers,
spiders, bots. Perhaps it's a stupid question, but here it goes

Is there any way to make data harder for a screen scraper, spider or bot to

I don't mind people going to a page and looking at the data I have on the
page, obviously, or I wouldn't be putting it on a web page in the first
place. I just want to make it as difficult as possible (within reason) for
automated processes from gathering this info for SPAM (email & telephone)

My first instinct is to do something like this:
<table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">

My other idea was to use the method above, but instead of using the
characters in each cell, I would use the &#XXX; code for each character.

Any ideas?

Brian W

BTW, I don't want to use JPGs of GIFs

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Tian Min Huang
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Hi Brian,

I think you could also have a random number of rows at the top of the table
with a height of zero. This would make it impossible for some scraper to
know where a specific piece of information is.

Have a nice day.


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