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VTP across routers

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Hi. I'm new to Cisco and just wondering how VTP would work across
multiple router.

I've been using one 2950 switch and 2621 router to play with VLAN and
inter VLAN router
I've been using one 2621 FA0/0 and did make a subinterfaces for each
VLANs and designated one
switchport to funtion as trunk.

All I did configured correctly. but just curious as how would VTP
would work across
multiple router? would I need to use high end ley 3 switch to make
that work?
or 2621 would suffice. If so, how would I go about configuring it so
that fast ethernet port
would carry VLAN traffic.

I hope somebody could help me please.

thanks in advance.

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VTP is a layer 2 protocol

To trasnport it across routers would require use of something like

see Cisco doc "Transparent Layer 2 Protocol Tunneling and PDU

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Andrew Mulheirn
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Exactly - VTP would have to be tunneled across a layer-4 boundary somehow.

Why would you want VTP to cross a router anyway? I can't see that makes
any sense at all really, unless you want to confuse yourself by having
the same VLAN tags on either side of a router.

Merv wrote:
> VTP is a layer 2 protocol

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