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Cisco Pix 515e help

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Hi all,

I have no Cisco experience at all and i'm trying to configure a Cisco Pix 515e to allow TCP connections inbound from outside using the ASDM.

Here is my running config, any freedback is welcome.

PIX Version 7.2(1)

ftp mode passive
dns server-group DefaultDNS
object-group service mflow tcp
port-object range 1180 2222
object-group service all tcp-udp
port-object eq sunrpc
port-object eq cifs
port-object eq tacacs
port-object eq pim-auto-rp
port-object eq sip
port-object eq talk
port-object eq domain
port-object eq echo
port-object eq kerberos
port-object eq www
port-object eq discard
access-list outside extended permit tcp any interface Outside log
access-list outside extended permit udp any interface Outside
access-list 102 extended permit tcp any any
access-list 102 extended deny tcp host host (interface ip)
access-list Outside_cryptomap extended permit ip any
access-list Outside_access_out extended permit tcp interface Outside any
access-list inside_access_in extended permit tcp interface inside any
access-list inbound extended permit tcp any any
access-list inbound extended permit udp any any
pager lines 24
logging enable
logging asdm informational
mtu inside 1500
mtu Outside 1500
ip local pool VPNRange mask
ip verify reverse-path interface inside
ip verify reverse-path interface Outside
no failover
monitor-interface inside
monitor-interface Outside
asdm image flash:/asdm521.bin
no asdm history enable
arp timeout 14400
global (Outside) 101 interface
nat (inside) 101
access-group inside_access_in in interface inside
access-group outside in interface Outside
access-group Outside_access_out out interface Outside
route Outside (Interface ip) (gateway ip)
route Outside 1
timeout xlate 3:00:00
timeout conn 1:00:00 half-closed 0:10:00 udp 0:02:00 icmp 0:00:02
timeout sunrpc 0:10:00 h323 0:05:00 h225 1:00:00 mgcp 0:05:00 mgcp-pat 0:05:00
timeout sip 0:30:00 sip_media 0:02:00 sip-invite 0:03:00 sip-disconnect 0:02:00
timeout uauth 0:05:00 absolute
group-policy DefaultRAGroup internal
group-policy DefaultRAGroup attributes

http server enable
http inside
http inside
http inside
no snmp-server location
no snmp-server contact
snmp-server enable traps snmp authentication linkup linkdown coldstart
sysopt connection tcpmss 0
crypto ipsec transform-set TRANS_ESP_DES_SHA esp-des esp-sha-hmac
crypto ipsec transform-set TRANS_ESP_DES_SHA mode transport
crypto dynamic-map Outside_dyn_map 20 set transform-set TRANS_ESP_DES_SHA
crypto map Outside_map 20 ipsec-isakmp dynamic Outside_dyn_map
crypto map Outside_map interface Outside
crypto isakmp enable Outside
crypto isakmp policy 10
authentication pre-share
encryption des
hash sha
group 2
lifetime 86400
tunnel-group DefaultRAGroup general-attributes
address-pool VPNRange
default-group-policy DefaultRAGroup
tunnel-group DefaultRAGroup ipsec-attributes
pre-shared-key *
tunnel-group DefaultRAGroup ppp-attributes
authentication ms-chap-v2
telnet timeout 5
ssh timeout 5
console timeout 0
dhcpd dns interface inside
policy-map type inspect dns preset_dns_map
message-length maximum 512
prompt hostname context


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