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Cannot install Vista/XP - Can't boot, CRYING FOR HELP!

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Hi guys

Im getting desperate, so i thought i would register here in a last ditch attempt to find some people who can help with my situation, and thanks in advance.

BTW, I know absolutely nothing about computers

Anyway, here is what i did.

I got my vista Ultimate disk, planing to go to vista from xp. A friend of mine told me to delete the partitions so there are only 1 unpartioned space, than install vista on it.

First i put in the Vista dvd, and booted from it fine, than while it was installing, i remebered my friend's advice and so exited the setup and

i put in the XP disk, than booted from the disk. When i got to the screen, i deleted all the partitions until there is just 1 unpartitioned space left (including the one that all my files were on - including xp)

I than exited that set up and put the Vista Dvd back in, but this time, instead of saying "press enter to boot", it just say that select correst boot device or insert boot media. I tried with the XP disk as well and that won't work.

I have already set the DVD drive as the boot priority in the BIOS. Also, I can't hear the DVD drive "spin" (no whine). I probably have done something incredibly stupid, but please please please help me.

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