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data structure design

puneet vyas
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data structure design
we have to design the data structure for a sequence database( a
sequence database is on which contains sequences of item sets and a
typical sequence database contains following enteries,sequence
database consits of sequence of transaction
like T1 T2 T3,where each transaction consists of item set:

{ex : sequence database}

CID(sequence id) sequences
1 <{a,b},(c,d},{d}>
2 <{b} ,{a,b,c}>
3 <{a,b},{b,c,d}>

i have used access database to represent the sequence database,with
the following fields
cid tid A B C D E F G
//where cid is customer id,tid represents transation id,and all next
fields are items
// a sample entry is as follows:
1 10 1 0 0 1 0 1 0
where each entry describe as customer 1 involved in transaction_id 10
and it involves items a,d,f,also the support count of a item .now i
need to construct data structure as follows:

thier is a header with three fields:
->support count

item id is the name of the item like a ,b etc,support count is the
number of tuples that contain items,now from the link field,all the
instances of a frequent 1-items(like a,b,c etc ) in the sequence
database are linked into a list,i.e link contains pointer to all those
tuples that contains frequent item.!
i.e starting from the Link field ,all the instances of frequent 1
itemsets in the sequence database are linked into a list

i have calculated the support count,can any one tell me approach to be
taken to construct the data structure with the above specification

thanks for support

thanks for support
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