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Re: write float to Excel with pyExcelerator write

John Machin
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On Mar 1, 5:59 pm, Cyril.Liu <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:
> I use pyExcelerator to generat Excel files in my project. it works good
> before I found this bug:
> run this code:
> from pyExcelerator import *
> wb = Workbook()
> ws = wb.add_sheet("sheet")
> for i in xrange(1):
> ws.write(i,0, 10474224.6)
> open d:\error_float.xls with M$ Excle you'll find the number in the cell is
> -263193.64 not 10474224.6
> why?

The author assumed unsigned integers instead of signed integers.

>>> 1047422460 - 2**30


See the following, previously posted here:


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