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Working with ASP.Net 2.0 Sub-Applications

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I have a web application called DashBoard that implements form-based
authentication. I also have two other web applications called Website1
and Website2. When deployed, Website1 and Website2 are configured as
sub-applications of Dashboard in IIS. Basically, the architecture is
designed for a single sign-on (in Dashboard) to be used with both sub-
applications. Everything is great when deployed...the auth ticket is
shared amongst all three and security works as expected. In the config
for Website1 and Website, I have to set the LoginUrl to "../
Login.aspx" which is the login page of the Dashboard when deployed.

Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time trying to set up a solution
where I can manage and debug this application in the way it is
deployed. Right now, I have one solution with all 3 websites as
projects. I can't really debug Website1 or 2 because they have no idea
where the login.aspx file is. I really need to keep each website as a
separate project just for managing purposes since each website really
is it's own entity. I know I could just have a large website project
with each separate website inside of it's own sub-folder. The problem
is that there are actually many more than just 2, and each one is
managed by a separate group of folks. We'd like to be able to open
each website individually in separate solution files along with the
Dashboard project.

Does anybody have any insight on how the basic solution could be setup
to accommodate me? Right now, I've configured the applications/sub-
applications in IIS and I just deploy each application there. Instead
of debugging the app using F5, I've been navigating my browser to
http://localhost/.. But, it gets annoying after a while to keep
copying files to IIS after I make a change.

|_ Dashboard (app)
|_ WebSite1 (sub-app)
|_ WebSite2 (sub-app)

But 3 separate projects: Dashboard.vbproj, WebSite1.vbproj,
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