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Asynchronous urllib (urllib+asyncore)?

Jonathan Gardner
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So, I ran into a problem that I would like to write as little code as
possible to solve.

The problem is that I would like to send out a bunch of HTTP requests
simultaneously, using asynchronous techniques, and then do stuff with
the results in parallel. Think of something like Google's map-reduce.

It sounds like this would be something someone else has done before. I
searched google, but I don't think there is any discussion anywhere of
anyone doing something like this.

I am sure Twisted folks can code this up in 2 lines or less, or it
probably already exists there by default. But I need this to exist in
a non-asynchronous environment. I can't let Twisted take over

So, has someone done something like this? Is it something where I can
bring the urllib and asyncore together? Or is it much more involved?
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Terry Jones
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Hi Jerry

> I am hoping one or two members of this list might help me locate in Europe

Do you mean you want to re-locate here or that you're trying to locate
(i.e., find) people already here?

> My personal first choice is Spain

I'm in Barcelona (but not looking for work!). There are a couple of
companies around that I know of who use Python and quite a lot of
individual programmers.

> The point is that I can't really afford to run around and experiment, so I
> was hoping for some helpful comments or suggestions on how to research

I'm not sure what you're wanting to research. See first comment above.

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