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Gigabyte VPower

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XSReviews have a new article on the Gigabyte VPower graphics card cooler, but seems to be an expensive and unimpressive option:

Unfortunately, while my initial impresisons of the VPower were good, I was sadly let down when it came to testing. Not only that, but it was a bit of a pig to install. This is unfortunate, as the design of the heatpipes and core seemed effective, it's the fins and air management that needs work.
Bottom line, for 30 there really is no reason to buy this over the many aftermarket coolers out there that fit the limited number of GPUs that the VPower does. However, if you do decide to buy it, make sure it's for a low end card as although it fits the higher end x19XX series GPUs, it's just not capable of handling that kind of heat.
Read the rest here.
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