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Invalid values for integers

David Thompson
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On Wed, 20 Feb 2008 13:01:58 GMT, Removed) (Richard
Bos) wrote:
<snip other points>
> It can cause UB. Note that a recent TC has (IIRC) outlawed padding bits
> within normal unsigned ints, and someone will now undoubtedly remind me
> whether it also does so for signed ones.

YDNRC; you may have conflated some related things.

TC2 changed to require that all-zero-bits is a valid
representation of value zero in all integer types (signed and
unsigned, and plain char which formally is neither). Thus IF there are
padding bits in an integer type, it must be valid to have padding = 0
when magnitude+sign_if_any = 0.

TC2 also changed about the conditions which require the
implemention to define [u]int{8,16,32,64}_t so they match (in fact
repeat) the requirements for those typedefs in p1 and p2.

C99 required that unsigned char have no padding bits, with
no such requirement on any other type, and this hasn't changed. Though
IF the implementation chooses to make plain char like unsigned char,
that must use the same representation and thus have no padding bits.

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