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Get a life! Was: Re: Looking for a good FTP program

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Multiposting a 20 line message to several groups when the net is
filled with petabytes of bit-torrents and DVD rips on the Usenet
is certainly a major problem.

As for the end recipient, multiposting will only cause him/her
more /usage/ if s/he happens to visit all the groups involved
and opens *every one* of the individual differently-ID'd
messages *with the same header*, which IMHO is somewhat
unlikely. So cross- or multi- makes no difference for the person
who actually reads the posts - maybe even to possibly respond to
one rather than engage in another bout of pointless "Usenet-
rules" discussion.

Someone who knows about these things should write a content-
analyzer for Usenet text group discussions. Pointless bickering
sure seems to be on the rise. Is it because deep down we all
know MS have succeeded in making the computer into nothing more
than another home appliance, Vista is not going away, and there
is nothing relevant left to talk about?

"As you know, it is considered bad form to discuss the latest
news with persons from the beyond."
Karel Capek
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