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Dear Britney - Leave the papparazzi alone!

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Cnn's headline for a quickee story on BS.
"Leave Britney alone!"

Hey guys, watch the video closer. SHE attracted their attention!
On a road where several photo idiots are gathered, along comes miss
high and mighty spears. Does she just keep on driving? Noooooooo.
She stops, needlessly, and says something, which causes the idiots to
jump all over her.
"Why are you spending time with that fool? I'm more important damn
Yeah she's got a medical problem for sure. Called cameraitus.

Oh yeah, just so happened an overhead camera caught the whole scene,
like it was all staged.
You couldn't be sure if it was BS or not. Not the other BS that is.
Or was it both?

"Tell a lie often enough, loud enough, and long enough and people will believe you."
Adolph Hitler
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