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DWR.xml and Spring

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Hope all is well.
As I was configuring our new server I ran into this weird issue using
DWR. The dwr.xml runs fine locally and all the paths are the same both
locally and on ther server. Here is the issue:
In dwr.xml I have the following to refer to the ajaxUtils bean in the
<create creator="spring" javascript="ajaxUtils" >
<include method="getStateList"/>
<param name="beanName" value="ajaxUtils"/>
<create creator="new" javascript="JDate">
<param name="class" value="java.util.Date"/>


DWR successfully recognizes the bean and shows the method in
ajaxUtils. However, once I put it online, it can't see my bean.
Do you have any idea on why this specific bean is recognized locally
and once the code is put online, it can't see it.
For example, when I go to /dwr/index.html I see the following:

Classes known to DWR:

* JDate (java.util.Date)

but on local:8080/dwr/index.html I get:
x.html I see the following:

Classes known to DWR:

* ajaxutils (com.realdevelopment.myproj.web.utils.AjaxUtils)
* JDate (java.util.Date)

I guess it's something minor and I am not noticing it.

Thanks for your help,
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