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is this compiler diagnostic legal?

Thad Smith
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Robert Gamble wrote:

> %X does always require an unsigned type, %lX requires a type of
> unsigned long which you properly provided.

That is what I expect, but the Standard is amazingly ambiguous:, p7:
The length modifiers and their meanings are:
l (ell) Specifies that a following d, i, o, u, x, or X conversion specifier
applies to a long int or unsigned long int argument; ...

Whose choice is it whether it should be long int or unsigned long int?

Then p8:
The conversion specifiers and their meanings are:
o,u,x,X The unsigned int argument is converted to unsigned octal (o),
unsigned decimal (u), or unsigned hexadecimal notation (x or X) in the
style dddd; ...

Here the X specifier says that it requires an unsigned int argument with no
mention of an alternative, no mention of arument type for %lX, so someone
has to choose whether the argument is an long int or unsigned long int and
on what basis?

This is a where I think I know the intent, but have a hard time proving it
with the wording in the Standard.

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