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IS POSSIBLE to use server side control from WITHIN xmlDocument???

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Been reading for two days posts on server and client side controls,
etc., but still not clear about this...

I have an xml control serving up an html xml/xsl transformation.
Within that, I need to do a couple of on_click buttons (to capture
system time and send it to another frame).

I also need to capture a couple of user text inputs (measurements).

(1) Can/should I use asp controls within the xsl stylesheet? or is
regular html <input> buttons the way.

(2) How can I capture an input textbox? I need to update the loaded
xml DOM with this when the user clicks on a Verify button and compare
it to two attributes (a range validation).

ANY comments and/or EXAMPLES most welcome...this is really the last
sticking point I have at the moment and its making my head swim!!!

New to etc., so please be kind!

Thanks, Kathy :-]
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