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Re: Reading Multiple Values from List using JSP and Form Post Method

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      02-09-2008 Removed) wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a form that contains a list box from which the user can select
> multiple values. I am sending the form content to a jsp page in order
> to process the information.
> I am trying to convert the selected values on the list to an array
> that can be processed using the jsp page.
> I am looking to do something like this
> <%
> String SelectedValues[] = request.getListofValues("LR11");
> %>
> So far I've been unsuccessful in finding any tutorial on the net that
> explains how to do this.

OTOH there are plenty of tutorials about how to do just that sort of thing
using the "model-view-controller" (MVC) pattern. Check out Java Server Faces
(JSF) and Struts for two excellent approaches.

Don't POST to a JSP, POST to a servlet. Do not put Java code ("scriptlet") in
your JSPs at all, ever. JSPs are for presentation, not logic.

At the end of its logic phase, the servlet (the "controller") would grab some
result object from the business logic (the "model") and forward it and all
action to the next JSP (the "view").

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