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intermittent CSS behavior in Firefox

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I know Firefox is supposed to be standards-compliant and the most reliable when it comes to CSS, but I'm having a problem that I can't pin down. Hopefully someone can offer me some insight.

I have a wrapper div (800px wide, centered on the page using margin-left: auto and margin-right: auto) that contains other divs. There are a couple of divs at the top, and then two side-by-side divs below (relative positioning, floated left and right respectively).

In most other browsers I test in (IE6, IE7, Safari, Opera), it works fine. And indeed, in Firefox it works mostly fine. However, every once in a while the right-hand div bumps down to below the left-hand div. Not every time, and reloading the page realigns them at the top. It seems to me to be pretty random, and it's not dependent upon the width of either div (I cranked them both down to very narrow, just to make sure I wasn't exceeding my 800px somehow).

Again, it's only Firefox, and it's intermittent. My CSS validates, so obviously it's either a Firefox bug OR I'm omitting something I need to have.

Anyone have any ideas? The site can be seen here:

and the CSS is at:

(Currently the two divs in question have borders so I can see what's going on, but I'll take those out when I roll out the site.)

Thanks in advance for any insight anyone can provide.

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