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HELP: writing a file to response buffer --> IE shows wrong filename

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In an .aspx codebehind file I retrieve a file from a database and write it
to the response buffer, so the browser pops up a 'save file' dialog and the
user can save the file to disk.

The relevant part of the code (VB) that does this is listed below:

Response.Buffer = True
Response.ContentType = ContentType
Response.AppendHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment;
filename=" + FileName)
Response.BinaryWrite(b) ' b is a binary array with the contents
of the file from the db

This all works great, but when showing the save file dialog, the browser
appends [1] to the filename. A file with a zip extension would for example
get a zip[1] extension, which is pretty annoying.

Is there any way to enfore the browser the use the exact filename?

Thanx !


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