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Re: scary

Rev. Newt Zest
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"Sugien" <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote in message
news:47ab5c4c$0$6153$(E-Mail Removed)...
> **quote from the above URL***
> Most incredible, though, was the revelation a few years ago that some
> extremophiles the researchers found in an Alaskan tunnel actually came to
> life as the ice around them melted. These bacteria had endured being
> frozen for 32,000 years and were able to go back to "business as usual" as
> they thawed out. If microscopic creatures on Earth can do that, why not
> microscopic creatures on other planets?
> ***
> The NASA scientists are going to open up a lake in the Antarctica:
> "February 7 , 2008: A team of scientists has just left the country to
> explore a very strange lake in Antarctica; it is filled with, essentially,
> extra-strength laundry detergent. No, the researchers haven't spilled
> coffee on their lab coats. They are hunting for extremophiles -- tough
> little creatures that thrive in conditions too extreme for most other
> living things."
> I sure hope they are very, VERY careful; because some scientists now
> believe that the dinosaurs could have been wiped out from a bacteria
> either brought to earth on an meteor or one that was released from deep in
> the ocean because of an undersea earthquake. This is some scare stuff
> expressly seeing that 2012 is now only 3 years away. Although I don't put
> much credence into the dooms day scenarios when several of the old
> civilizations ALL more or less predict the same year as the end, it gets
> you to wondering.
> --
> From the Desk of Sugien CSK
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