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Cisco 1701 router ios software crash

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My name is bayo and i am in a real; mess. i tried to upgrade my cisco 1701 router from a version 12.1 to a 12.2. I used the tftpd32 by Ph. Jounin tftp server reccomended on the cisco site. I also backed up my existing ios image unto it just in case. with a copy tftp flash command, i erased the existing image and relaced it with this new one ( c1700-y-mz.122-4.YA6.bin). I left this to run and i guess it must have rebooted because i got a user mode session.
I realized though that a show version command was giving me the older version, whereas show flash gave me the newer image which i just copied. I decided to reload the router, this i think was a wrong move when i discorvered this FAQ on cisco site:

Q. What steps should I follow before reloading the router?

A. Follow the steps below before reloading.

Verify that the new Cisco IOS Software has been stored properly. Issue the show flash command to make sure that the file has been saved, that the size is correct, and that you do not have an invalid checksum message. You need to start the installation again if any of the following are true:
The file does not appear.
The file appears, but is followed by [invalid checksum].
The size does not correspond to the file size on the TFTP server. Remember: the size is listed in bytes on the router, and is sometimes listed in kilobytes on TFTP servers.
Verify that the boot system commands are in the right order in the configuration. The router stores and executes the boot system commands in the order in which you enter them in the configuration file. If a boot system command entry in the list specifies an invalid device or filename, the router skips that entry. An example is shown below.
Router#configure terminal
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with
Router(config)#boot system flash c1600-y-l.112-18.P
Router(config)#boot system flash

After reloading i got a forced software crash error message. i then restarted the router and no session message. just a blank hyperterminal screen with the cursor blinking. I tried going into the rommon mode by hitting ctrl break shortly after startup but to no avail.
Please help a suffering brother out.
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