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Upload image thumbnail to Web Server ? Problem...

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I want to upload an image to my web server. Uploading simple images work fine but when i tried to upload the generated thumnnail to another folder named Thumb, i can't.
It works fine in local system but not in web server so I think that there may be some problem in my uploading code( may be in the last line of my code). Please do some modification with this code so that I can upload the image to the Web Server also...

Please help me...its a very urgent task for me...


// Get the path of the original Imagestring displayedImg = Server.MapPath("./images/") +this.txtPCode.Text+".jpg";
string path=Server.MapPath("/images/");
// Get the path of the Thumb folderstring displayedImgThumb = Server.MapPath("./Thumb/");

// Get the original image file namestring imgFileName = Path.GetFileName(displayedImg);

// Load original image
System.Drawing.Image myimg = System.Drawing.Image.FromFile(displayedImg);

// Get the thumbnail 50 X 50 pxmyimg = myimg.GetThumbnailImage(50, 50, null, IntPtr.Zero);

// Save the new thumbnail image
myimg.Save(displayedImgThumb + imgFileName, myimg.RawFormat);
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