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apache/mod_wsgi daemon mode

Scott SA
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I'm posting this here because it is, I believe, a python config issue (mine) that is not correct, but frustration and inexperience has left me without further [visible] options for rectification.

I am trying to configure mod_wsgi to run in daemon mode with Apache. I can easily get it to run 'normally' under Apache but I obtain permission errors _or_ process-failures in daemon mode. Specifically:

... (13)Permission denied: mod_wsgi (pid=26962): Unable to connect
to WSGI daemon process '<process-name>' on
'/etc/httpd/logs/wsgi.26957.0.1.sock' after multiple attempts.

My httpd.conf contains an entry like this, and has had several variations:


WSGIDaemonProcess <process-name> user=<user> group=<group> threads=10 \

# the following line has been added/removed with no improved results
WSGIProcessGroup <process-name>

WSGIScriptAlias /something /path/to/<script>.wsgi

<Directory /path/to/<script>.wsgi>
# the following two lines have been added/removed
#with no improved results
WSGIApplicationGroup <user>
WSGIProcessGroup <process-name>

Order deny,allow
Allow from all


My <script>.wsgi is as follows - but we never get this far!:

import os, sys
sys.stdout = sys.stderr

# in this instance, I've been testing with a trac instance
os.environ['TRAC_ENV'] = '/path/to/trac'

import trac.web.main
application = trac.web.main.dispatch_request

I have made changes in a number of combinations, trying to pinpoint where the problem is occurring. If I don't attempt to run this as a daemon, all is fine. I have noted where I have added/removed the ProcessGroup adn ApplicationGroup directives in an attempt to find the root of problem.

The host is Apache 2.2n under CentOS 5.1 i386 running Python 2.4

I have read, and re-read, mimicked settings from the following sites:

as well as several excelent postings from Graham Dumpleton

So, if you listen close enough, you will hear the sound of my head banging against an unforgiving brick wall

Thanks in advance to any and all relevent advice or suggestions.

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