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FTP upload issues using ASA5520...

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I have been getting very puzzling ftp upload timeouts sporadically for some time now. I am using an ASA5520 7.2(1). I am using an app server to upload files approximately 120 megs in size (using passive FTP) to a number of servers spread across the country. What keeps happening (with only certain servers) is the files will stall out somewhere around 20 - 60 megs and eventually cause a timeout (I've tried also using multiple FTP clients to manually upload as well).

A wiretrace reveals a large number of Duplicate ACKs just before the eventual failure of the transfer.

The weird part: The first time this started happening, I fixed the problem by giving the sending computer a static public IP using one to one NAT (i.e. 192.168.1.x -> 64.60.XX.XXX). After this, uploads were able to finish without issue.

Recently, the problem started again, causing all uploads to this particular server (the same exact file was able to be uploaded to another server in another location) to time out again. After much fiddling with NIC settings, cables, etc., the only solution was to revert this machine back to using PAT, removing the static NAT rule.

Now transfers are again working. However, I need to know WHY this would solve the issue! I spoke to a Cisco ASA tech who could not come up with any reason why this would be the case. The first fix, he said, might make sense only if the ASA was unable to handle all of the PAT translations, but we only have approx. 100 machines using PAT with this ASA5520, well within what it should be able to handle...

Anyone know what could be going on here? My only thinking is that there must be some router/firewall/switch/device somewhere between our network and the FTP server (east coast) that might be causing the issue...

Thanks for any aid here.
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