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Kwame Kilpatrick Apology Remix...Hilarious!

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On Fri, 1 Feb 2008 09:04:21 -0800 (PST), clc101 <(E-Mail Removed)>


This is more accurate than the original.
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clc101 added these comments in the current discussion du jour

> emix/

I live in a suburb of Detroit, so Kwame doesn't directly affect me,
but he is a blot on the good name of Michigan and a drag on
Detroit's efforts trying to rebuild its own reputation. I really
wasn't interested in some heart-rending apology about his romantic
tryst and his wife saying she forgave him. That's between them
privately, What I was interested in his some sort of explanation of
why he and his girlfriend so blatently committed purjury then tried
to hide it. He has a long record of using city resources for
personal use, including expensive Lincoln SUVs, very expensive
trips to Caribean islands ostensibly to attend conferences, etc.

In fairness, though, Kwame is hardly the worst Detroit mayor in
modern times. He has instituted a number for worthwhile reforms and
at least appears to be trying to control finances and keep taxes
reasonable. But, there always seems to be a hidden agenda, it seems
that everyone in his administration is a relative, friend, or some
other political crony, and his makes no attempt whatsoever to get
along with the suburban cities and counties, most egegiously in the
ongoing battle with the Detroit Water System.

HP, aka Jerry

"Never complain, never explain" - Henry Ford II
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