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Snipping Tool stops working

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When one clicks on the snipping tool, nothing happens.
If one types "snipping tool" in the search, the .exe comes up; you click on
it, nothing happens.

When I was beta testing (2+ years ago through today), the same issue
happened. No rhyme or reason, it just quit. The Escalation support
escalated to developers. Then the release came out, and the clean install
had it working again.

HOWEVER, this time it has quit *only* on my 64-bit Vista Ultimate machine.
Two dual core intel processors, 8GB RAM, 1TB+ hard drive (<600MB free).

So, has anyone else had the Snipping Tool quit? Having gotten used to it,
the loss of the convenience is a severe annoyance. I cannot, however,
pinpoint its loss to any time more finite than the last eight months.
Fellow user
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