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starbucks anyone?

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Wouldn't it be cool if starbucks added java to coffee shops... Meaning
one large starbucks coffee chat room worldwide - so maybe you could
actually meet someone when you went there? Local chat hosts right now
aren't all that great, there needs to be a better chat room right now
where people can get together... Maybe starbucks could allow people
who aren''t on their chat room to have a one dollar off coupon. I
know business is slow, maybe starbucks could buy out fed ex kinkos and
you could have one crazy office thing where
you could make copies and get coffee and surf the internet.

i can't create a chat room, i would like to, I believe there should be
50 chat rooms at least one for each state- i believe that would cure
alot of things in our society if people could start meeting each other
that's what i would do if i was president. we're spending too much
time on personal sites and not enough on each other... the current web
is going nowhere. it's the cause of alot of dysfunction in families,
church, and society, and it needs to be an over 18 thing without all
the strippers please, except for nevada's maybe.

that would be federal, the starbucks one would be entepreneurial. I
wonder if people could program this for starbucks and the fifty states
so people can talk and chat. Maybe Hillary and bill gates could make
something work for once... Something with instant information
retrieval and chat with experts from companies like microsoft and sun
about things like multithreading, how to build a server, how to set up
a chat room, what the meaning of the "this" statement is... etc.


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