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Why not 'foo = not f' instead of 'foo = (not f or 1) and 0'?

Steven Bethard
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Kristian Domke wrote:
> I am trying to learn python at the moment studying an example program
> ( from the twisted framework, if you want to know)
> There I found a line
> foo = (not f and 1) or 0

Equivalent to ``foo = int(not f)``

> In this case f may be None or a string.
> If I am not wrong here, one could simply write
> foo = not f

No cast to int() here.

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George Sakkis
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On Jan 23, 4:06 am, Gary Herron <(E-Mail Removed)> wrote:

> However there *is* a (subtle) difference between
> not f
> and
> (not f and 1) or 0
> The first produces a boolean value, and the second produces an int
> value, but since one is a subclass of the other, you'd have to write
> quite perverse code care about the difference.

Even if for some reason I did want the result to be int, I would write
it as "int(not f)".

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