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moodle for edu

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IS anyone familar with Moodle using them as edu portals? or stick to
pure Java and build?

We are thinking about using Moodle for our content Dev.

We, a few ex Columbia University, Microsoft, and Google Employee's
(and others) have developed a software and hardware solution for
children, educators and parents. Our goal is to increase education to
children/students, while decreasing video games / TV / PC games /
online games and website visits / cell phone activity usage. This will
be behavior modification approach to the learning experience, for
children between the ages of five and eighteen. Parents and educators
will now have a tool that encourages learning and creative problem
solving by motivating their children to earn game / play time / phone
time. Parents and educators will also have a way to control their
child's/students obsession.

We will be able to now limit the amount of time played with video
games / PC games / online activities, installing a propriety education
portal (similar to linking to Wiki portal) and/or linking to the
school systems curriculum, which advances game play / online time /
phone time with successful completion of correctly answered questions,
and learning modules, changing content each day and time allotted for
continued game play.

The game or online use will be blocked, using a form of a software/
hardware solution we invented, until successful completion of tasks.
We are not only providing a service, but have created several win-win
scenarios. The child/student attention is now divided between leisure
activity and learning transferable marketable skills through knowledge
building by answering questions requiring creative problem solving
while blocking online use/pc and game consoles. Children or students
now have double the benefit since the education portals will shape
behavior to help them reach both their short term goals through
earning game time and long terms goals of employment or being
productive members of society.

Thank you for your time.


Michael Vitelli

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