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open source C/C++ program doing FPU calculations
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I have a problem and two questions about it.
Problem: I have to find any open source C/C++ program doing FPU
calculations, compile the most used functions of it into asm and
optimize the FPU operations there.

Question 1: I've found a codec wav-pack ( that
reportedly does some FPU calculations. I compiled it and run uder
Ubuntu. It worked. The problem is that I have no idea how to
substitute some of its files writen in C with files in ASM. When I
switched the extra1.c file with extra1.s ASM file and changed all
references to this file in makefiles and in, it still
didn't compile. Error msg said that some .tpo file cannot be found
(it's all probably because automaticly generated makefiles use some
libtool program while compiling). I have no further ideas. Any ways to
solve it?

Question 2: Maybe I should find another program with simple easy-
editable makefile, not one automaticly generated by ./configure? Could
you suggest any FPU stressing simple program? I've been digging in for qite long without any satisfactory results....
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Mr. Arnold
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You're posting to the wrong newsgroup. comp.programming is where you need to

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