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Aspect Oriented Programming
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Hello, I'm a post-graduate student at the Open University in the
United Kingdom. I'm carrying out research into Aspect Oriented
Programming (AOP) to investigate the reasons why it has not been more
widely adopted by commercial software developers and would be grateful
if you could help by taking a couple of minutes to complete the
questionnaire below. I would very much appreciate a response, even if
you have not previously used AOP.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Andrew Rowe

This survey is being conducted for the Open University in order to
investigate the barriers to the adoption of aspect oriented
programming (AOP) in commercial software development. AOP has been
created to solve the problem of crosscutting concerns in software
development and whilst used in academic research, has yet to make an
impact in commerce. The results of this research will be used to
evaluate AOP and in deciding the direction of future developments.

Please return your completed questionnaire to Removed)

In this section, please type the letter of the option which most
closely matches your own.

1. Current employment position:
a. Academic
b. Software developer/programmer
c. Tead lead/manager
d. Other (please specify)
Your answer:

2. Have you previously heard of aspect oriented programming (AOP)?
a. Yes
b. No
Your answer:

If you answered Yes to Question 2, please continue to question 3.
If you answered No to Question 2, your questionnaire ends here -
thanks for your time!

3. How many years of practical experience in AOP do you have? __
a. None or < 1 year
b. 1-2
c. 2-4
d. > 4
Your answer:


1. Strongly agree
2. Agree
3. Neither agree or disagree
4. Disagree
5. Strongly disagree

Using the scale of 1-5 shown above, please select the extent to which
you believe the following are barriers to the adoption of aspect
oriented programming:

1. AOP is an immature technology.
Your answer:

2. Not many interesting aspects outside of logging or tracing.
Your answer:

3. Not many meaningful examples to demonstrate the advantages of AOP.
Your answer:

4. AOP is not an improvement over object oriented programming.
Your answer:

5. Aspect oriented programs are very complicated.
Your answer:

6. Aspect oriented programs are difficult to test.
Your answer:

7. Aspect oriented programs are difficult to maintain.
Your answer:

8. Aspect oriented programs are difficult to debug.
Your answer:

9. Aspect oriented programs perform slowly.
Your answer:

10. The syntax of aspect oriented programs (e.g. join points) is
difficult to understand.
Your answer:

11. It is difficult to understand the execution pattern of an aspect
oriented application.
Your answer:

12. AOP is not supported in my chosen development language.
Your answer:

13. AOP is not supported in my chosen software development environment/
Your answer:

14. AOP tools are immature.
Your answer:

15. AOP has a steep learning curve/is difficult to learn.
Your answer:

16. I do not have enough time to learn AOP.
Your answer:

17. High costs of adopting AOP (training/processes etc)
Your answer:

18. No established AOP software development methodology.
Your answer:

19. Application design is more difficult in AOP than in OO or
procedural development.
Your answer:

20. Please list below any other barriers which have not been
identified above.
Your answer:

Thank you for your time!

Please return your completed questionnaire to
(E-Mail Removed)
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Thanks for the responses I've received so far.

If anyone else would like to complete the questionnaire or post a
comment here, I'd be glad to hear from you - especially any users of

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