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ValidationSummary Disappearing Act!

John Mabbott
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Hello all,

We're getting some weird behavior with the ValidationSummary control.
If I submit a page that fires some validators, the ValidationSummary
displays them correctly. However, if I subsequently submit the page,
the ValidationSummary control briefly disappears before re-appearing
again! So, to recap:

1. I load one of my pages
2. I don't fill any of the input boxes and submit the page, causing
validators to fire
3. I get the validation summary
4. I submit the page again
5. The "loading" progress bar on the status bar gets to halfway
6. I see my page, sans validation summary
7. The "loading" progress bar reaches the end
8. The page is displayed again normally (with the validation summary).

Is there any way I can stop this happening? Here's some sample code
from my pages:

<ValidationSummary id="vs_ValidationSummary" runat="server"
HeaderText="" CssClass="errorblock" ForeColor="" ShowSummary="true"

<RequiredFieldValidator id="rv_Postcode" runat="server"
ErrorMessage="" ControlToValidate="in_Postcode" Display="None"

<CustomValidator id="cv_CardNumber1" runat="server" ErrorMessage=""
ControlToValidate="in_CardNumber1" Display="None"></CustomValidator>

Any help appreciated,

John Mabbott
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