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Can anyone help with lyrics to an old song?

Peggy Peggy is offline
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My Dad sang this song when he was in Grade 1 in late 1920s. It goes, "Jimmy dear you'll have to tend the baby, Take your little sister for a walk", and then something about "around the block". Would anyone know the lyrics to this song? We would like to sing it to him on his 85th birthday later this year.
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kris20 kris20 is offline
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A suggestion only.
Do you know where your father was in 1st grade?
If so, contact the school if it still exist.
Most schools have a newsletter.
Ask if the query can be placed in it.
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cyraxx cyraxx is offline
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it is call blind love by frank 888
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jaynabq jaynabq is offline
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My Grammy used to sing this song to her kids, but sadly, my mother didn't sing it to me, so I never learned it. I have a single verse, dictated by my grandmother, and the chorus, dictated by my mom, but the song is not complete. My mom says it had a verse about playing baseball in it, but I will have to get back to you on those verses. If I can catch my mom or aunts singing it on a digital recorder I'll post it so you can hear the tune, too.

Here are the lyrics I have:

Dear Folks, behold a little boy who’s feeling very sad.
The way that I am picked upon would make a preacher mad.
I carry water, coal, and wood, and errands run all day,
But when I want to go and play I hear my mother say,

Jimmy Dear, you’ll have to tend the baby,
Take your little sister for a walk.
You can rock her in the little cradle, maybe,
Or push her in the go-cart round the block.
Never pout or frown when mother calls you,
Little boys should cheerfully obey.
Ain’t it tough to be a boy!
Never get a bit of joy,
But have to tend the baby every day!

Hope this warms your heart!
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brksjff brksjff is offline
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My grandma used to sing this song to me when my sister was a baby (and replace "Jimmy" with my name). I never knew where she learned it, but she was in grade school in the 1920s, consistent with what someone wrote above. She grew up in Columbus, Nebraska.

Does anyone have a recording of the song? I can't remember how the entire melody went.
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