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Cisco 2621 IP rate limiting?

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Hello all, I am new. I googled some stuff about rate limiting, ran into your website, but nothing that answered my question.

I have a Cisco 2621 router, that is currently connected to a 70MB pipe.

I run a small webhosting business. I do Shared hosting, Reseller hosting, Virtual Private Servers, and Dedicated servers.

My problem. My VPS's and Dedicated clients are able to use all of the 70mb pipe. I really have no way of limiting them to 5mb. I asked the data center about rate limiting on my router, they said it could be done, But the guy wouldn't tell me how to do it, because I guess its his trade secret.

I have IOS version 12.3(22) on there right now. I can probably get newer if needed.

Any ideas?
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