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DataGrid - Unable to update with dynamic BoundColumns

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Hi everybody,

A very strange problem with WebControls :

A Datagrid in an application;
Bound with a dataset through;
The updatable columns are dynamically created;
When I try to update my DataGrid, I access the cols by means of
e.Item.Cells.Count (OnUpdate event)
and there :
e.Item.Cells.Count is equals to 1 (only the static column is seen) !!

tech info :
- W2K workstation sp3
- Version Microsoft .NET Framework :1.1.4322.573; Version ASP.NET

I'm stuck with this for 2 days, and so desperate...
Any idea ?
Thanks in advance for replying.

Jean-Louis PAUL


The BoundColumns are created with :

// objDSet : a dataset previously obtained
foreach (DataColumn dc in objDSet.Tables[0].Columns)
BoundColumn bc = new BoundColumn();
bc.HeaderText = dc.ColumnName;
bc.DataField = dc.ColumnName;
this.DataGrid1.Columns.AddAt(1 + dc.Ordinal, bc);
this.DataGrid1.DataSource = objDSet;

Then, I try to access the modified values with :

private void OnUpdate(object source,
System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs e)
// !! Note : While I have 2 BoundColumns, numCols=1 (only the static
colmun is seen) !!
int numCols = e.Item.Cells.Count;

for (int i=1; i<numCols; i++)
String colvalue =((TextBox)e.Item.Cells[i].Controls[0]).Text;

When I created the BoundColumns with the property page, it's OK for
================================================== ========================

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