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ASP.NET Data Source - Clients/Web Server

trevor oakley
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I have solved an earlier problem which I posted here, about coding Data
Source in OleDbConnection - I am new to ASP.Net. I do not understand the
solution, I just blindly followed the book (Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21
Days), and guessed, and it worked.

When OleDbConnection is used to connect to a database, ASP.NET appears to
expect a client source, not a Web server reference. I just coded
c:\WWWRoot\.... and it worked.

Does this mean that ASP.NET downloads a database, like HTML pages are
downloaded, and then uses the actual client? I find such a concept to be
unbelieveable, or does ASP.NET download only a database definition? In any
case it is dangerous to download anything to the client regarding a database
due to security.

I expected the Web server to handle the data query and only generated HTML,
including the data query or update message, to be downloaded to client, and
the client to have no knowledge about the database. Therefore, I find it
difficult to understand why a harddrive reference should be included
anywhere in database connection code.

Code: dbStr="c:wwwroot\...", objConnection = New
OleDbConnection("Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; " _
& " Data Source=" & dbStr & ";")

I would be grateful for any clarification on this?


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Natty Gur
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Trevor Hi,

OleDBConnection class is part of the CLR classes and it can be used on
the SERVER side to generate HTML that will be sending to the client. So
the local path is the server local path. Neither the OLEDBConnection
will happened on the client machine nor the DB will be download to the

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