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Complex Site Structure - One project or many?

Jeff Barton
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Hi All,

We have developed a nice .Net platform for our growing
internet (, intranet and internal web
application sites. Everything is great: cool server
controls, xml config files, easy maintanance, etc.
However, we have experienced some shortcomings in the
orginization of our solutions for each of these
sites that I am trying to remedy. I have some questions
about 'Best Practices' that I could use some advise on...
(BTW this isn't just a vs issue, but application design)

Right now, each of the sites is organized similar this
within vs:

Sutter.Core (security obj, active dir, etc)
Sutter.Web (custom obj for all county sites)
Sutter.AppServer.Controls (site specific custom
Sutter.AppServer (the web site with aspx and content)

The thing to notice is that the entire site is contained
in a single web application. I would like to break up the
applications withing the site to seperate web
applications, especially with the application pooling
abilities in II6. The problem is we have a pretty cool
security system in place using forms authentication
against active directory (there are some situations where
multiple users share a windows session so windows
authentication wouldn't work), and the user only logs
into the site once and is authenticated for any app. If
the apps are seperated into seperate web apps though,
this is gonna break.

So what do I do? Thanks for the help!

Jeff Barton
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Jeff Barton
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Thanks, this is perfect...

>-----Original Message-----
>Check out this kb article for how to and things to



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